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Space Ghost – Hoodleehoo lyrics

I went out last night
To get me a bite
It was about a quarter 'til two
I met a little girl named (???)
And we did the Hoodleehoo
What in the world is the Hoodleehoo?
Sit yourself down and we'll tell you
How to do the Hoodleehoo
[Space Ghost]
You pick your left foot up
Until you touch your nose
Put your rear on your rear
And wiggle your toes
Hop all around like a kangaroo
You're almost ready to Hoodleehoo
Grab some pickles and a pound of cheese
Get some burgers on mayonaise
Eat 'em all up
But don't forget to chew
Now you're doing the Hoodleehoo
So that's how you do the Hoodleehoo
Ain't nothing like it
You know it's true
Doing the Hoodleehoo
I know that note was wrong
I'm tellin' you, buddy
Don't tell me I'm wrong when I know it
Well, you listen to me when I'm talking to you

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