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Souls In Chains – Saints And Savages lyrics

Calm down, Deep breaths,
She's screaming pig, Up against the car resisting this arrest,
37 acting like she's 19, As a little boy sits watching his momma,
Wishing it was just a dream, Off he goes again to another family,
Wishing God would have blessed him, Different then this hell he sees,
Strangers seed, From eight shots and a girl gone,
His momma always said, He was the reason why her world stopped,
Waiting for a lullaby 12: 59, Eyes wide,
Listens to his momma cry away the night,
He was watching his night light flicker out,
Whispering soft words to the walls, Stopping any sense of doubt,
He's waiting for the better day in tomorrow,
He thinks to ask her every morning, Tell me whered that smile go?
She's in the bottle, From sip to swallow,
He's likely to follow, Until she throws an apology,
With love he thought he'd never know.

[Chorus][Christina Aguilera]
Oh I'm sorry for, Blaming you
For everything, I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself, By hurting you

One granny three uncles, Two aunts a nephew,
Four sisters no brother, No father half a mother,
Six cousins couple clients and a po, One bedroom one window one bath,
Shared by twenty something mother fucking, Low life people,
Just a child in a sinners world, Born to be free,
Fascination of ejaculation, Mourn victim in the system
Born wicked from the seed,
Not a chance in hell, Fell in line in life,
Selling drugs and such, Till the time was right,
Stepped up his game, lh wanted the call,
Started shit with older dudes, Shots fired lids fall,
Bled out on the concrete, Never made it home,
Drug money bought the food, So the children wouldn't moan,
Last words he uttered softly, Struggling for breath,
Blood bubbles at his side, The rain washed away what's left.

[Chorus][Christina Aguilera]
Oh I'm sorry for, Blaming you
For everything, I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself, By hurting you

The eviction notice beats the kid awake this morning,
Baby girl get up and gets scared, When none of the lights in the house are working,
Daddy already knows that the phones are dead,
And just as the cycle goes, he's not quick on fixing this,
Before his morning fix of cigarettes and gin,
He's wondering if he can just leave her with the relatives,
While he becomes a savage, An arrest away from twelve steps,
A generation of rejects and neglect,
And it's hereditary, Laced with grimy memories,
Consistently just keeping dreams captive quiet and confined within sleep,
Were just another apathetic breed,
Lost in distilled drinks and abandoned seeds,
Creeping to mix with fiend, And truthfully,
With every God damn fist to a wall,
Every desperate and pathetic drunken emergency call,
We burn our own wings,
And listen to what the saints are trying to sell,
Born with tainted halos,
For the better side of hell.

[Chorus][Christina Aguilera]
I'm sorry for, Blaming you
For everything, I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself, By hurting you

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