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Solefald – The Liberation Of Destiny lyrics

{Odin, god of poets and warriors
One-eyed sage master of Munin
Worshipped at nightfall and daybreak
By fathers beyond the millennial night
Tall old man, put down your spear
Destiny is your name, here liberated}

Liberation of Destiny, the tall old man
Liberation of Destiny, in a hall of smoke
The tall old man, father of the species, hands of liberation
Father of the species, he smokes cigars of stone
Hands of liberation, he dominates posterity
Hands of liberation, blue eyes observing
He dominates posterity, liberation of destiny
He dominates posterity, collecting the ashes
Liberation of Destiny, the old man with glasses
Liberation of Destiny, his law never dies
The old man with glasses, he rules the nations
The old man with glasses, makes cream out of bones
He rules the nations, Liberation of Destiny
He rules the nations, with cream on his lips
Liberaration of Destiny, he lets the crow fly
Liberation of Destiny, in a hall of smoke
He lets the crow fly, blue eyes observing
He lets the crow fly, his law never dies

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