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Soilent Green – It Was Just An Accident lyrics

Unjust response for your ignorance...
Intensify my rage
Unrest that makes me strong
Disrespect underneath
The innocence... Magnify my hurt
Temperence in pleasure
Too drunk to comprehend the guilt...
Forget nothing... Take it... You need it...
Make believe you love me...
Pretend it's candy
One more time for the past...
Take the risk
Have one more lick... One more stick
One more taste of my prick...
Just for laughs
I want her seduction of naked ways
Stop taking... Disappear...
Don't take my confidence
I'm muredering the love in my mind
I'm murdering the love in your eyes
Deny it... Destroy it... Unreal feeling
Pushing harder... Falling deeper
Coward decision... Envisionment
Let me free this... Cover your eyes
Venting all pain to flow with no strain
A discretion for this excuse
The years spent with child abuse
Cold non-emotion overload
Highly wound
Computer image scapegoat
A rerun painstaking sequence code
Turncoat of my closest brother
I speak my mind... My truth...
A respond that's bleak
I hate your fake... Love... Lust...
The game... Your mistake
Don't think... Don't blink...
Lose your head to solve the link
I've tried to ignore this...
The sweet taste of lust on my lips
Drastically makes my head twitch...
Chemically... Mentally...
Spent eternity destroying it
Restrain to dominate
Putting me in my fake mental state...
To be something
It's the disease I have...
My drug... My lonely drug
I could have it... It's in my face
Locked down... No escape

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