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SOAK – Sea Creatures lyrics

The stars and moon
Remind me of you
I don't know what to say
It might make you worse

I don't understand
What her problem is
I think she's just a fish!

I know you get it bad
You don't deserve this
And I wont put up
With their ignorance

And they tell you
They love you
Well they don't mean it

I don't think they know what they mean!
I don't think they know what love is
Throw it around like it's worthless
I don't think they know what love is.

I don't get this town
Neither do you
We should run away
Just me and you.

Cause I don't get the people here
They're curious
They don't really care.

Sea creatures
I wish they would disappear...

They don't know what love is
Throw it around like it's worthless
They don't know what love is!

I pray for you
And you know I don't like Jesus!

Want you to get better...
Please, please get better
For you, for me

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    I feel like this song is "SOAK" herself expressing feelings to another girl that she likes. The girl is going through rough times, getting bullied and yelled at for homosexuality. "And they tell you, they love you, we'll they don't mean it" could be pointing to the fact that families sometimes say that they'll love their child no matter what, and then scold them for anything outside the norm. Sea creatures can resemble many things. How beautiful and amazing they seem, but in reality, there's many types. Thousands of unexplored species unexplored and deadly. "Please get better" is her crush going through depression. Get better for you, for me. "I pray for you, and you know I don't like Jesus" can very well allude to the face that she is openly gay, and nonreligious. (She has posted so on her blog) and while people get offended, it's quite a brave thing to do. If you care about someone so much that you do something outside your religion to comfort them, that's amazing. You really do love them.
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