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SNSD – Time Machine lyrics

[Jessica] Itsumo yori sukoshi hiroi heya tadahitori
It's over, guess it's over
[Taeyeon] Futari de tsukuri ageta sutōrī mo munashiku
Kon'nani kantan ni kuzure teshimau nante

[Sunny] One mistake, got a one regret
[Seohyun] "Dare mo kanpeki janai" tte
[Sunny] Sō iikikasete mite mo
[Seohyun] Nani o shite mo kizu wa iyasenakute

[All/Jessica] Ima time machine ni norikonde
[Taeyeon] Anata ni ai ni iku
[Seohyun] Koto ga dekitanara
[All/Sooyoung] Mō nani mo negawanai
[Sunny] Hakanakute tōI kioku ni naru mae ni...
[Jessica] I need a time machine oh
[Tiffany] I need a time machine oh

[Jessica] Hitori de sugosu jikan wa oso sugite
[Taeyeon] Ayamachi no batsu wa amarini mo omoku
[Jessica] Anata ga saigo ni nokoshita words
[Taeyeon] Ima demo zutto rifurein tomaranai
Mada munegaitamu

[Sunny] Just one mistake, just one regret
[Seohyun] Wagamama mo ima wa itoshikute

[All/Yoona] Ima time machine ni norikonde
[Taeyeon] Anata ni ai ni iku
[Seohyun] Koto ga dekitanara
[All/Yuri] Mō nani mo negawanai
[Sunny] Hakanakute tōI kioku ni naru mae ni...
[Jessica] I need a time machine

[Tiffany] Jikū tobikoete anata ni aetara
[Yoona/Taeyeon] Tatoe onaji
[Seohyun] Ketsumatsu mukaeta to shite mo kitto
([Hyoyeon] Ketsumatsu mukaeta to shite mo kitto)
[Tiffany/Yuri] Kui wa nokoranai
[Tiffany] hazudakara~

[All/Hyoyeon] Ima time machine ni norikonde
[Taeyeon] Anata ni ai ni iku
[Seohyun] Koto ga dekitanara
[All/Seohyun] Mō nani mo negawanai
[Sunny] Hakanakute tōI kioku ni naru mae ni...
[Taeyeon] Yeah futari no omoide wasureteshimau mae ni...
[Tiffany] Gimme a time machine
[Jessica] Oh Gimme a time machine
[Sunny] Oh Gimme a time machine

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Time Machine meaningsPost my meaning

  • u
    Yoona's role isn't to sing. Her singing voice isn't the best. Yes, she can sing. But the vocalists are better thus they get the long parts. Yoona's role is to be the face of snsd, to appear in all the ads all that. Each member has their role, like how some are vocalist, some are lead vocal, main vocal, leader, dance, etc. It just happens that yoona's role is to be the person standing in the front. Because of this, she doesn't get as many lines as the others.
    Ps. A song has that many lines. There are 9 members. 5 vocal, 4 dance. Of course the lines will go to the vocalists first, before being distributed to the dancers right. Its why they are call 'vocalist'. Because their vocal is better. During a dance break you always see the 4 dance (hyo, soo, yul and yoong) infront. You don't hear the taengangers fanytastics or whatever whining about how "whyare those 4 always infront during dance? " right?
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  • kpoplyrics
    Why yoona, yuri, hyoyeon and sooyoung got least part? The thing that helped them to be snsd member is dancing. Got it? Anyway, they also sing at the all part. Got it? Act like sone. Don't insult sm entertainment. It is their work. We are just ordinary people. I seriously hate when there are annoying people said "i hate sm because they treat snsd like this". To very annoying people that said this line, you think you're the manager of snsd? No. So don't mess up because I don't understand why you all over talked about this. Act like sone, don't make yourself a rubbish.
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  • u
    Fyi, all member are singing. It just that yoona, yuri, and hyoyeon doesn't get solo part. Why is it so hard for some of you to understand?
    I've had enough with this unfair-singing-line-thingy complain, the main singers sang most song's part and ofc get solo part. The other member harmonize it, so the song itself sounds even more beautiful.
    That's why it called a group, every member has their own portion and responsibility. There's a leader, there're members, there're main singers, main dancers etc. But the point is everyone is singing. It just that tad impossible to give each non-main-singers a solo line with 9 members in a group. Move on!
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  • u
    If you hate the reason that yoona, yuri, sooyoung, hyoyeon didn't get any solo parts do you need to say sm not fair? Why you need to comment here? If you think really don't fair, go find the producer and tell why you feel it's unfair! Well I think it is unfair too but I didn't want to say that I hate them. Are you all the producer of them? Huh? Are you the producer of them? Stop bashing. I know I'm kinda' rude but just wanna tell you all.
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  • u
    Be a good son. Don't hate, if you don't like then just go away. Why the hell did you guys judge sm? Everyone has their own ability. Yoona yuri hyoyeon and sooyoung are good at dancing. And the other good at singing. What's the problem? Even yoona yuri hyoyeon and sooyoung didn't make it as a problem for them.
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