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SNSD – Mistake lyrics

[Jessica] Ha~ Yeah, Ooh~
Nan ajik jejarijyo
Yeojeonhi geudae gyeoteseo
Hemaeida jichyeoseo
[Seohyun] Oneuldo geudael maemdolda
Haru tto haru heulleo heulleoseo
Yeogikkaji ongeojyo

[Sooyoung] Almyeonseo apeun nae mam almyeonseodo~ Oh~
[Yoona] Unneun geudaega nal deo apeuge hajyo

[All] Nareul deo saranghage mandeulji mothan
Nae jalmoshijyo
Naega deo saranghaeseo mandeureobeorin
Nae jalmoshijyo
[Yuri/All] Nae maeummankeum nareul deo
Saranghage haji mothaesseotdeon geoyeotjyo
Nae jalmoshijyo

[Taeyeon] Eolmana deo maneun shiganeul
Nunmureul heullyeoya hanayo
Geu yaksokmaneul mideumyeo, Ooh~
[Sunny] Gidaryeo dalladeon geojitmal
Ije sogatdeon nae yokshimdo
Jichyeo beorigo mangeojyo

[Hyoyeon] Almyeonseo apeun nae mam da almyeonseo~ Woah
[Tiffany] Geureoke moreun cheok useul sun eobjanayo, Woah Oh~

[All] Nareul deo saranghage mandeulji mothan
Nae jalmoshijyo ([Jessica] Nae jalmoshijyo, Oh~)
Naega deo saranghaeseo mandeureobeorin ([Jessica] Mandeureobeorin)
Nae jal moshijyo ([Jessica] Nae jalmoshijyo)
[Tiffany/All] Nae maeummankeum nareul deo ([Jessica] Nareul deo)
Saranghage haji mothaesseotdeon geoyeotjyo
Nae jalmoshijyo, ([Tiffany] Oh Ooh Ooh Oh Oh~)

[Yuri] Gajil su eomneungeol almyeonseo (Almyeonseodo)
[Jessica] Meotdaero keojin nae maeumi
[Taeyeon] Honjaseo gidaridaga
Honjaseo huhwehadaga
Saranghan geotdo
Jalmoshineyo Oh~ Woah~

[All] Apeun jul almyeonseodo itjireul mothan
Nae jalmoshijyo ([Taeyeon] Naega cham babo gatjyo)
Dachil kkeol almyeonseodo biuji mothan
Naejal moshijyo ([Seohyun] Nae jalmoshijyo)
[Hyoyeon/All] Modeun ge nae tashiraedo ([Sunny] Modeun ge nae tashiraedo, Oh Oh)
Geuraedo gwaenchanayo geudaeman itdamyeon ([Sunny] Itdamyeon)

[Tiffany] Eonjekkajina
[Taeyeon] Ooh~ Ireon nal yongseohaejwoyo
Geudael saranghan nal~

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Submitted bykaukko_hann
Corrected byAbdurrahman Majid


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    Mistake by yuri, means a lot to me. ^^ yuri is one of my favourite member in girls generation. Even though I'm not entirely a sone, I'm so proud of yuri, and I'm so impressed by how talented she is. Snsd is full of surprises and talents. Yuri, you go girl! Fighting! I love ur song! Whenever I hear this song, I just want to cry. Its so beautiful, so touching. Snsd voices go so well together. So harmonic. ;) also, I'm so touched by how she gave only one line to herself, and gave the rest to the others. She looks so proud, that smile on her face is so priceless. : d I'm cheering for you yuri! : d
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    Very nice songs really define me and have a family and like brothers sometimes have a faithful friend to you and then dare for you when you're alone or is it would be sad without the one you do not give up the mill because you still doing well with me for Jesica Jung.
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    I think the song is about love between two people were they breakup and the girl is blaming herself for loving the boy rather than her. In simple its her mistake that she waited for the boy to comeback but she didn't know that the guy has already love someone else and its her mistake for not letting the boy love her more so she blame this to all herself. The song s kinda sad but sometimes we need to learn our mistake. Yuri did a nice job writing the song. Fighting! SNSD forever.
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