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SNSD – Holler lyrics

(Taeyeon)hwahcanghan sunny day pyeongbeomhan geon jaemi eobtji
Teukbyeolhan bimireul chaja tteonabolkka eodiro??

(Tiffany)Eoril jeok deureo bon deutan sinbiroun mijiui segyero
Right Now, sigani eobseo nae sonjit ttara Follow Me!

(All)Holler! Holler! Holler!
(Seohyun)nawa nuneul matchwo
(All)Holler! Holler! Holler!
(Seohyun)jamdeun ne mameul kkaewo
(All) Holler! Holler! Holler!
(Taeyeon)sijakhae boneun geoya
(All) Holler! Holler!
(Tiffany)saerowojin nae gaseumme neoreul matgyeo holler at me

(Seohyun)ttokgateun repatorie tto ppeonhan ending seutoriya
Bitnaneun pokeopeiseu sok Hey wae neoreul gamchuji
(Taeyeon)Knock! Knock! ne maeum sok muneul hwaljjak yeoreo bwabwa
Neoman!allyeojulge igeon teukgeup bimirinikka

(All) holler! holler! holler!
(Tiffany)nawa nuneul matchwo
(All)holler! holler! holler!
(Tiffany)jamdeun ne mameul kkaewo
(All)holler! holler! holler!
(Seohyun)sijakhae boneun geoya
(All)holler! holler!
(Taeyeon)saerowojin nae gaseumme neoreul matgyeo holler at me~ (Yeah!)
(ALL)nae gaseumme neoreul matgyeo holler at me

(Tiffany)maeil gateun paeteon soge gatyeo~
Beorin neoreul bwa~
(Seohyun)sangsangmaneuro useum jitdeon neoui eorin kkumdeul jeonbu sowonhamyeon modu irul su isseo Oh Yeah Yeah!
(Tiffany)So won't you holler at me?
I know you like what you see
Teojyeo beoril geotman gatji annni, ne gaseumi?
(Taeyeon/Seohyun)You want me,want me, holler at me babe (Come on) babe (yeah)
(Taeyeon)oh nal bwa oh ready set go go
Neul hyanghan siseoneun let it go
Ijen neor~~
Deo gamchujineun ma~

(All)holler! holler! holler!
(Tiffany)nawa nuneul matchwobwa, yeah
(All)holler! holler! holler!
(Seohyun)sijakhaebwa Right now!
(All)holler! holler! holler!
(Taeyeon)Holler! Holler~
(All)holler! holler!
(Seohyun)saerowojin nae gaseumme neoreul matgyeo holler at me~ yeah
(All)holler! holler! holler!
(Taeyeon/Tiffany)nal ttara sorichyeobwa
(All)holler! holler! holler!
(Taeyeon)deo keuge sorichyeobwa
(All)holler! holler! holler!
(Tiffany)geuge baro neoya (Taeyeon)(geuge baro neoya Oh~ No No)
(All)holler! holler!
(Taeyeon)saerowojin ne gaseumi teojidorok
(Tiffany)Holler at Me~

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