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Smokey River Boys – Big Wheel Cannonball lyrics

[1] This great & mighty nation... Will sing forever more...
Of the pioneers, brave engineers... And heroes by the score...
But the world of transportation... Has a new breed just as great...
It's the men of steel, behind the wheels... Of the big rigs hauling freight.

[Cho] Listen to the rumble... Listen to the roar.
Of the big wheels on the highways... From the mountains to the shore
Old Buffalo Bill & Casey Jones... Would never have the gall...
To risk their fate on the Interstate... On the big wheel cannonball.

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[2] There's a lot of speculation... When the big wheels roll at night.
Some think their destination... Is a truck stop on the right.
With a little 'old cat eye waitress... Or a hot shot on the make.
But some I know... Would rather go... For a hot shot wagon steak.

[Cho] Listen to the rumble... Listen to the roar
Hear the jingle of the jukebox... See the action on the floor.
Those giddy-up... Go go babies... Do the Monkey & the Crawl.
When a swinging combination... Plays the big wheel cannonball.

[3] I try to keep my schedule... The way most drivers do.
It's food and drinks... And forty winks... Then I go balling through...
But tonight I've got a hang-up... She's the cutest little doll...
I'll see ya on the straightaway... On the big wheel cannonball...

[Cho] On the big wheel cannonball... On the big wheel cannonball
Tonight she's riding shotgun... And I warn you one & all...
When a devil from St. Louie... Takes an angel on his haul...
Don't look for any halos... Round... The big wheel cannonball.

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    As I remember the willis brothers singing it (i listened to this song constantly on 8 track) I will provide only the things that I remember differed, v 2, should be hot chuck wagon steak in the chorus shold be its a giddy up go baby, do the monkey and the crawl while a swinging combination plays the big wheel cannonball as I said this was 40 years ago so I may not remember it right, this song is what really influenced me to drive truck which I did for about 20 years.
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