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Smile Empty Soul – With This Knife lyrics

I let myself fall into a lie
I let my walls come down
I let myself smile and feel alive
I let my walls come down
No matter how I try I don't know why
You push so far away
You wrapped your hands tight around my heart
And squeezed it full of pain

With this knife i'll cut out the part of me
The part that cares for you
With this knife i'll cut out the heart of me
The heart that cares for you

I can't believe the way you took me down
I never saw the pain
Coming in a million broken miles
Like poison for my veins


The hate and the fear
The nightmares that wake me up
In tears
The nightmares and (the hate)...

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    I feel as though its saying that everyone lives rough and that it shows he cared for someone a lot and that person did something to make him feel horrible so they squeezed his heart full of pain because he loved them and they crush the love over and over and ever since it happened he has had problems sleeping because all he can do is dream of her or whoever hurt him in the way they did. So I can kind of say I know how it feels and the sadness is hard to deal with but sometimes people can make it through without harming themselves. They just have to keep going even if you let someone inside your walls and they tear them down just build your walls aback up and start again. I know its a hard process but it's possible I did it he's probably done it and others have probably done it so therefore everyone goes through the problems of liking someone and getting put down cause they say no or they say yes and break up with you so anyone who reads this thank you and have an awesome day because to me no matter what you matter. -Austin.
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