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Slo-v & Retro – My Vibe lyrics


Slo V & Retro!

[Chorus: x2]
Nigga ain't no disrespecting my vibe
Cause there ain't no pussies off on this side
I done slid in here with my fire
It's whatever boy we gon' slide

[Hook: x2]
Nigga ain't no disrespecting my vibe, my vibe

[Verse 1:]
Ask Aretha, I'm all about my Franklins and Roosevelts
You know me well, fuck what you felt
Pussy niggas get dealt stay strapped while your face gets melt
Never know where you'll end up
Got a nigga looking funny like stand-up
Nigga man up, what the fuck, in the cut
Throw a verse up so tough, off their head like dandruff
If I ain't sick what you call that?
Tell a pussy nigga just fall back, all that
I'm like a tattoo bitches just want to see me on their lower back
Ain't no disrespect, if a nigga object
I'm in depth my subjects keep a nigga in check
It's like that, it's sr and you know the rep
Drag a nigga by his neck, get his face deck ughh!

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
Any one of you bitches can get it
Nigga dick or pussy, it don't make a difference, my niggas with it
Bust you down like a fourteen
By the bitch in the club on the pole in the g-string
Yup, ya'll niggas better slow down
Before Ballgreezy have the bitch roped off
Ah ha, ok, twenty more shots in your raggedy ass hoe car
So what you're a rich ass nigga
To me you're still a bitch ass nigga
You can get it dog quick fast nigga
Put the five to your sissy ass nigga
I'll put a nigga ass on a white T
And make a nigga check out like Nikes,
I'm the shit that's why they don't like me
And I keep this dick in their wifey

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
Ain't no hoe in the 'tro
Thoes can choke on my pole real slow
Fuck What a hater know Get dough, switch flows
Yo, you better call the po',
Cause I'm gone off six shots of patron
Whoa, see me at the bar with a shone
Skip third base slide home with a pro, get in hoe
My Chevrolet doors they close
Time is money you wasting pesos, hey Slo
It's time to get cheddar
Four a show and the timing ain't better
One eight letter, "R" stay hot like sweaters
The girls get wetter, I'm 'bout my mozzarella
That truth comes out when you're drunk
Fuck nigga sell out get slumped
Yo Greezy be easy
'Cause that pussy don't want to get fucked
Believe me

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x2]

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