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Slihmm – Running lyrics

[Verse 1: Slihmm]
Popping that magnum and taking a life
Like she was on that pill, steel
Gripping the shit, Os in the clip
Pole on my hip, broke selling
Coke without the cola
Whip a nigga for that yola
To get green, freestyling a 16
I'm killing these niggas
I'm pulling the trigger like it had the figure
Of bad hoes, I'm usually not one to brag though
I stab hoes
Yeah, mother fucker, I stab hoes
Where the fucking nin at nigga? Where the lean at nigga?
Really fucking need that shit nigga
Yellow drank, nigga
I'm sipping and tripping I'm back
To that world that I was at
Before the fucking fast life, 'fore the rap life
I was stuck in a rut like a round in a pump
Murder these niggas I do it for fun
No I'm talking 'bout pound for pound
Fucking AR got a 100-round drum
No I'm not trying to go pound for pound
No hands, but we can go round for round
Young nigga, drug dealer
Try me, he a dumb nigga
Think it's sweet
We blow up bubble gum niggas
Picking a victim, he finished
For niggas that think it's a joke
These niggas is looking for trouble
Bitch I'm knocking on your door

[Verse 2: L.o.m.d]
Hello world, it’s me again
Peering through Floorboards, and busting ceilings in
If I had to explain my absence from this rapping, in one word, distraction
I’ve been running from my dreams, acting as if nothing is happening
I lost the passion, at times almost got the mic a casket
Blew a gasket, Illu$trious want that EP, yeah I hear you asking
Best believe I’m back for good, take these rap traders and smash em
Let my light shine through Massa’s pasture
Cuz they lash us, then blind you with PMW, that ain’t what I’m after
I’m more about amazing masses
Laying tracks so we can ride to greater places
Live From the Basement
Dreams that we chasing, I think we’ll make it
Wait I ain’t Drake kid, what am I doing
I need to try and influence and teach my class some class
Even I though I’m a student
Prudent so that next year, they declare me the future

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