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Skull & Bones – Good Guys lyrics

I will talk about alien races
That are benign to mankind
Telosians from Earth help us to understand
Our ancient history and restore human longevity
Lyrans from lyra spread unique history
On nordic human race on the galaxy
Vegans from lyra assist us in diplomacy
And conflict resolution

Pleiadians, help humanity
Find freedom from oppressive structures
Procyons promote resistance
To et subversion
They prevent ET mind control,
And monitor the hostiles
Tau Cetians control subversion,
By other Ets

Many Extraterrestrials Are present
Here Like the red cross
Are present in some critical places
They are here
To help us
In this very critical moment
To find our place in Universe.
But don't forget
There are others
Selfish with an
Hidden agenda
That don't care
About us
If they could
They would
Enslave us

Andromedans, expose the elite
Sirians, from Sirius A,
Protect the environment
Alpha Centaurians promote Social justice
And human freedom.
Arcturians coordenate
Other relationships with ets

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