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Skrewdriver – Prisoner Of Peace lyrics

He stuck up for his country, but he didn't like the cost
The European brother war, and lives were being lost
He saw the grieving mothers whose sons could not be found
He wanted peace to stop the endless coffins on the ground

He got up on one morning and he went out to his plane
He said good-bye to his wife, but doubts were in his brain
To sue for peace was his idea in 1941
But the bankers' grip was oh so tight, and the chance for peace was gone

Free Rudolf Hess
How long can they keep him there? We can only guess
I said free Rudolf Hess
How long can they keep him there? We can only guess

He never realized that day that chivalry had died
Britain was in alien hands but at least a man had tried
Forty years is a long long time in a prison cell to be
And I feel ashamed at the sentence passed on a man who wanted peace

(Repeat Chorus)

And now the situation has changed in many ways
The Allies want to let him go, they've decided he has paid
The Red scum in the Kremlin with their kosher values try
To keep a proud man locked away until the day he dies

(Repeat Chorus)

He's a prisoner of peace
Kept there at the will of the Marxists in the east
He's a prisoner of peace
Kept there at the wishes of the Marxists in the east

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