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Skinny Puppy – Three Blind Mice lyrics

can??? you hear it has begun Seen
the devil the outlived symptom Under
the skin intent within Shadow
[wings ]?do and joins the requiem Treats
my fallen character with no respect People's
dire way to taking it all in Dimuntive
track to live no hope of anything Obscene
is obscure Do
it again Stoic
methods all the same Do
it again Forsake
these pretty days Do
it again crumbling
??? it has begun power
??? of a lifetime decaying from within Leaving
is deadening ones own belief in Ownership
or credit or stipulate the win Visible
oversee a constant pain In
the bitter harvest eating the grain So
sure your ears have gone everything are ??? stripped away Do
it again all
??? the same Do
it again Forsake
these pretty days Do
it again Bromide
bucket foul it has been done My
devil no one forever gone Answer
within a blind [knot ]?ribbon Do
it again Do
it again Do
it again Again
throughout the song] Three: blind mice [perhaps other indecipherable things ]?

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