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Sisqo – U Dont Know Me lyrics

Verse 1
A nigga just got paid
its friday night
all my homiesin the party and we doing it right
locking down to my niggaz at my left at my right
cuz my people came to party till the early light
and then it begins
niggas all up in my face
and then it begins
playa playa no time to waste
and then it begins
playa playa put his hands on my waist
and then it begins
so I look him straight dead in his face
and said uh


you dont know me
you dont really know me
you say im sexy
but you really wanna sex me
would you like to see me on my back
would you like to see me lick your neck
would you like to see me soaking wet
would you like to hit it from the back
would you like it if i made you mine
you could do it to me all the time
would you like if it was only sex
I dont think you' re ready for me yet

verse 2
my name is buttha baby serenade
bomb jiggy jiggy and you call her miss thang
take your eyes of my titties cause you know i got dumps
and you know that its buttha baby best believe it
and then it begins
playa playa pulled out the knot
and then it begins
playa playa
tried to blow up my spot
and then it begins
playa playa wanna see what i got
and then it begins
you got the money but you cant get the twat
beacause I


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