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Sinead O'Connor – Troy lyrics

I remember it
In Dublin in a rainstorm
We're sitting in the long grass in summer
Keeping warm
I remember it
Every restless night
We were so young then we thought that everything we could possibly do was right
Then we move stolen from our very eyes
And I wondered where you went to
And tell me
When did the light die?
You will rise
You'll return
The Phoenix from the flame
And we'll learn and we'll rise
You'll return
Being what you are
There is no other Troy
For you to burn
And I never meant to hurt you
I swear I didn't mean those things I said
I never meant to do that to you
Next time I'll keep my hands to myself instead
Oh, and I should love you
What do you want to do?
Does she need you like I do?
Do you love her?
Is she good for you?
Does she hold you like I do?
Do you want me?
Should I leave?
I know you're always telling me that you love me
But just sometimes I wonder if I should believe
Oh, I love you
God, I love you
I'd kill a dragon for you
And die

But I will rise and I will return
The Phoenix from the flame
I have learned
I will rise
And you'll see me return
Being what I am
There is no other Troy
For me to burn

Well, you should have left the light on
You should have left the light on
Then I wouldn't have tried
You'd never have known
And I wouldn't have pulled you tighter
No, I wouldn't have pulled you close
I wouldn't have screamed
Now I can't let you go
If the door wasn't closed
No, I wouldn't have pulled you to me
And I wouldn't have kissed your face
You wouldn't have begged me to hold you
If we hadn't been there in the first place
But I know you wanted me to be there
Every look that you threw told me so
But you should have left the light on
You should have left the light on

And the flame burned away
But you're still spitting fire
Make no difference what you say
You're still a liar
You're still a liar
You're still a liar

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    I don't know the specifics of the song but, theres just so much hurt and pain, and that I (and most of us) can relate to, I'm 'emotionally numb' now, so I long even for hurt, I just want to feel something, like I once did. Not going to happen for a while tho. The song makes me cry for some longing tho, its jane doe I'm longing for. Fk, not going to happen.
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    This song is about a terrible break up and betrayal by infidelity. He was cheating on her obviously. "you should have left the light on". To me that means if he would have left the light she would have seen what was going on and wouldn't have come home to her man bedding another girl. She would have been spared that. She wouldn't have fought to save what she had if she had known the truth from the start.
    "then I wouldn't have tried.
    You'd never have known.
    And I wouldn't have pulled you tighter.
    No, I wouldn't have pulled you close.
    I wouldn't have screamed.
    Now I can't let you go.
    If the door wasn't closed".
    If she had known she could have let go easier without making a fool of herself to someone that had cheated on her and shown her no respect. Funny because I've lived this exact situation myself. I didn't know that I was being cheated on by my girlfriend. I fought and cried and tried to save what we had until I found out the truth. Then I left her to burn, and I will rise again. :-)
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    This is a song that has much happening under the words. She obviously took meaning from yeat's "no second troy" to illustrate the strange beauty and allure of her unrequited love. She reflects on the danger, the need, the despair and the desertion.
    In the abstract, I believe she is referring to the political and religious upheaval in ireland, making "troy" a symbol for helen of troy and the illusions proposed by the government at that time.
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