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Silent Majority – Party At Richs lyrics

You see yourself at the bottom of a bottle
Find yourself at the bottom of a well recuperate you
Skate faster and faster just to get past her she slows her
Pace you feel like your a god now when the bottle is empty
You can't play god and when the well is empty you break
Your neck when you fall in into the fast lane the world you
Run with all your friends into the fast lane the world you run
All the rules you bend you break it down there's just
One thing I have to say about the party going on
Six blocks away we go together or not all yes you can walk or
You can crawl back to the bad side of town cause there's no
Drinks to be found money's green like beer is brown take
One down pass it around or you'll be found without a sound
Beaten down forced underground you'll be found
Without a sound up the stairs you can't climb by yourself black belt
In the teenage art of stealth you sneak in it's a success and I ride
Home with your beer on my breath you sneak in it's
A success and I skip home with you on my mind you sneak
In I sneak home too you see yourself now you're running
Full throttle find yourself on a one way trip to hell to
Demonstrate that you skate faster and faster just to get
Past her she slows her pace you feel like your a god and
When the bottle's empty you can't play god and when the
Well is empty you break your neck when you fall in this
Could be the best time in my life this could be the best in
Yours too just put away that shit they're talking you into

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