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Side Effects Cast – Bad Day lyrics

It's been a bad day
A really really bad day
“I'll kick you in your balls” kinda day

I lied
I cried
I was paralysed

I realised

I tried

I made this mess
I had one word
Just open up
Scream shout and curse
Youre just like mom, you act so strong
And she was barely holding on
Wish I was gone (gone)

You think you had a bad day? Think you had it rough?
Taken all I can take, now I've had enough
You think you had a bad day? Think you've had it rough?
Taken all I can take, now I''ve had enough
Enough (X4)

It's too late now to tell them
Why I'd rather jump than feel the fall
Feel the fall oh

You guys are so lame
But I'm not to blame
At least I'm awake
And playing the game

You lie each night pretend you're alright
Read my tattoo it says “screw you”
‘Just give it up' I learnt it from you
From me?
From you, from you, from you!

Hey I'm right here
Nobody cares I'm in 8th grade
No body-hair

Please don't go on
There's nothing wrong
But we're barely holding on
Wish I was gone (gone)


Keith, tell the truth
Its time they knew
If you won't speak up, then I'm going to
We lost the house…

We lost the house!
How'd you do that?
It's not my fault
It's all we have
Oh he's not wrong
Hey! I'm not dumb!
But I'm barely holding on

You think you had a bad day? You had it rough?
I'll take it while I can. Take it all, I've had enough. (enough *repeated*)
You think you had a bad day? It's more tough
I'll take it while I can. Take it now I've had enough.
Shutup shutup shutup shutup shutup (Repeated until end)

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    This song represents how much people need there family, no matter what they say. At the end of the day, family is family, and, no matter how much you argue, you are always there for each other when you need to be. Problems are always easier to solve when you have support.
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    I think he's trying to explain how families get into fights, but someone always hates it, like how Jack Frost in "Rise Of The Guardians" gets into a fight with Bunnymund about the whole "Kangaroo" thing.
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