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Shirlee Temper – Stick Your Tongue Out lyrics

Verse 1:
Tear it up, I'm throwing boots on the goldilocks,
Traded in my lollipops, now I gotta mic like
Rarr! Rarrr! Come quick bring my medicine
Ya better tie me up or I'm a rip another track again
Born to rock the mic like I like, so, hmm, yeah believe the hype
And if ya see me in a club and wanna know what's up,
Surely Temper's here and now I'm gonna tear it up'

When I tear it up'
Stick your tongue out
When I tear it up
Turn it up loud
When I tear it up
Throw your T's up
I'm jumping in the crowd
I'm jumping in the crowd
I'm jumping in the crowd

Verse 2:
Tear it up, here to rattle you up
So come and shake my cage n' there will be no stopping it
Cuz, I'm rock'n it, Doc Martin stomping it
Tight delight, but then I just might bite
My drive is on the rise, last night
I got a call from London they wanna see me live n'
iPhone to the head every 5 or 6
I need another one of me to exist
Cuz when I tear it up, Ya know ya gonna give it up
Play it like a Friday night and go live it up
Hands up with the wave, ya know the rest
Show me how ya do when it gets you
When you hear me test the mic, like I like
Then ooohhh yeah believe the hype
And if ya hear I'm on tour and wanna know what's up
Know I'm coming to you and gonna tear it up


Verse 3:
Tear it up, st's an addiction
Not in your mind to perpetrate with fiction
Feel the friction, my benediction
Fortune, fame and flow are all of my prediction
Because I gets mine that's the bottom line
And when I roam the night just like a star I'll shine
By design, in the game line for line
Shoot the gift so well some people call my mouth a 9
When I tear it up, and ya'll gonna give it up
Play it like a Saturday night and go live it up
Get the buds in the headphone jack and then
Go to your playlist and add me to your line up
Studio to the stage, vocal rage equates to checks
That's how the game is played
So if you see me on tour and wanna know what's up
Get a taste of this, Cause this is how I tear it up


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