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Sevenes – She Was My World lyrics

Sevenes: eh... Heh... Yeah I'm in love...
But the thing is,,... She got a man,,
And the other thing is...
I use to be with her... But then she left me...

(1st verse)
And I'm in love with a girl like you
So simple, no make up natural look with a bit of dimple
But now you got a new man, though my heart straight up wrinkled
Knowin that you left me didn't even fight the battle
If I had another chance I'll show you how I really handle
I never had a chance to take you out not even light a candle
I wanna show you what I can do, that your new man can't do
You know how we are, I even ask to marry you
And you said yes I'm your wife but now what happened boo
You should've waited for me and gave me time to over look
But now I guess it's too late, why'd we have to seperate
Just cus you knew him before you knew me and you think that's faith
I was with you for a year and spent each every day
We got to know each other and grew love and I just want to say

(Chorus 4x)
"I'm in love with a girl, yeah she was my world
I'd do anything for her jus cuz she was my world"

(2nd verse)
I never felt in love with anybody as if today
Whenever I see you with him I'm just like fadin away
I guess you can't just see it, no matter what I'm down for you always
How can you be so sure, just replaced me, went away,
You know I'm down with you like nobody else in this place
And I tried to erase you in my life, I really can't I prayed
I told myself you'd be the only girl that I would really take,
Seriously I thought your different, I thought it's heaven sent,
Leavin me all alone after a year of the love, we spent
I can't do nothin about it anymore except just wait
Maybe one day things will finally change,
You need to go back to me my soulmate, lets rearrange
It's just hard knowin that your with someone else, my heartbreaks
Into pieces, understand this why I made this.

(Chorus 4x)
"I'm in love with a girl, yeah she was my world
I'd do anything for her jus cuz she was my world"

(3rd verse)
I'm in love with a her yes, wishin too much got me stressed
All I can do is sit down think and wait for her to press,
Her cellphone call me up like out of nowhere I guess
A simple call simple hello, it brings the best
It's gets me missin you, we'd talk, lay down on my bed
I catch every memory of two of us even at my place, your place
I'd go over your pad and sleep late
While your moms out of town, member you and me wit plan dates
We never really went out anywhere, just for the love sake
Now I'd go to church every sunday and ask for some help
Askin the man if he can make her come back to her oldself
When she was so into me I would just melt, it's heart felt,

And I'm in love with a girl like you,
And I'm in love with a girl like you...

(Chorus 4x)
"I'm in love with a girl, yeah she was my world
I'd do anything for her jus cuz she was my world"


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