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Senor Bivins – Norman Bates lyrics

Where is solution
In a world filled with hate pollution?
Emotion is useless
Hope is hopeless
I should have knew this
When you first walked out
When your mind left on the same route
To a path of nothing
No remorse or nothing
So we all died in this same house
" Please, let me go "
Not another word
" Please, let me go "
I said, not another word.
I find pleasure as your death is plot
You died years past
Now it’s time to rot

Now, do you love me?
Now, tell me who you are
Now, do you hate me?
Now, who am I?

(I am insanity)
Mouth full of mud
Brain full of maggots
Give me a knife and I'll slash you to fragments
You got a death wish?
Call the cops
I’m a doctor of death way I’m giving you shots
Sick as Norman Bates
You will not escape
Sniffing bath salt
Till I’m ripping and chewing your face (word)Bozeman style hack you up
I'm a thriller killing so much
Could wake Mike Jackson up
This is the sound of murder
Drag you to Hell
Well I’m pulling you further
Underneath the fire, rock and brimstone
Them bodies piled up
Feeling like Jim Jones
Hammer to break your rib bones
Executioner of sluts and nymphos
Aint heard?
Check my info
Kevin Bivins isn't insane bitch
I'm mental

Now, do you love me?
Now, tell me who you are
Now, do you hate me?
Now, who am I?

I tried to change the world
Asked myself why
We all go mad sometime and so will I

If blood means nothing
Then you bled to death
If blood never meant something to you
Then you bled to death
You've fucking bled you bitch.

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