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Seedy – Silhouette lyrics

Late nights and coffee, you still haven't called me
Got another girl, hope you know I'm sorry
Back in the day I thought I was a shoe-in
It turns out my soul doesn't fit inside this human
I can get in touch with the ghosts from my past
Making mountains out of my mellifluous raps
If devotion is a sin, I'm married to this game
My signature, my picture, and get me a chain
A frame, so I can put the photo on a wall
A shiny case for my vinyl records and all
If you don't understand, I'm calling it luck
I used to wish be the man, now I just don't give a–

[Verse 2:]
I didn't really get how the big felt small
I'm not answering the phone next time help calls
My friends said you're about to for real
When you blow up, people are gonna ask you how it feels
I know that it's bold, making these predictions
We all have our battles, fighting our addictions
I wanna be booked, not a book off the shelf
I could be the best, I'd rather be myself
Because in the end, that's all I'll ever be
I'll listen to Lennon, I could Let It Be
Because we aren't alone when the world is cold and shady
We live inside a home where the souls are cultivating

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