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Seamus Moore – Paidins Party lyrics

In a pub in tullawagin
There was party for Paidin
Shur the craic it was mighty one night
Guitars were clanging
Pool balls were banging
And the Knackers were roaring to fight

When the drink finally hit him says Paidin
Lets get them then he made a mad rush across the floor
Well the chairs started flying
And the auld ones were crying
Then came the load knock on the door

Twas the Garda siochaini outside
4 big red faces hobnails and braces
And the knackers were roaring to fight
Shur the craic twas mighty that night

Down at the station it would bring tears to our nation
To see the cut of the boys
There was poor paidin and the boys from tullawagin
And the knackers were all telling lies

At 4 in the morning the sargent was yawning
When the final statement was read
With his 2 bleary eyes
After hearing such lies
He raised the big fist and he said

Go home now get out of me sight
Your driving me crackers
Your nothing but knackers
And Paidin you'll pay for this night
Well the craic it was mighty that night

Down at the courthouse the next Tuesday morning
Well the courtroom was packed back to back
There was poor paidin and the boys from tullawaidin
And the knackers that started the craic
They were all fined a fiver by a judge called mcIvor
Then he scratched the bald head trying to think
T'would bring tears to a snowman when he said
You can go man then he seen them stampead for more drink

Over in the pub once again there was poor paidin
And the boys from tullawaidin
And the knackers were at it again
Well the craic it was mighty again
In tullawaidin the craic never ends.

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