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Scott Henderson – Hell Bent Pup lyrics

I'm a lonely man
Since she's gone I'm feelin' blue
Now I got you, little puppy dog
But tell me, tell me why you do the things you do

Can't you see the reason for the door
Why ya have to do it on the floor
Why ya get into the trash
Why ya chew up all my cash
You're gonna have to get in line
Gotta train ya or ya know I'm gonna lose my mind

Why ya gotta bark and howl all night
Why can't ya go to sleep without the light
Why ya make me pay the dues
Why ya eat up all my shoes
Why ya diggin' all the holes
Gotta train ya or you know I'm gonna lose control

I miss my baby
Gotta find me someone new
Still I got you, little puppy dog
But tell me, tell me why you do the things you do

Don't ya know I wanna be a star
Why'd ya take a piss on my guitar
You actin' like a grizzly bear
Ya went an' ate my favorite chair
Hell bent pup you a canine sinner
Gonna put you in the oven, gonna eat you for dinner

You know my baby left me
Made me sad to see her go
All I got is you, little puppy dog
Drive me crazy but I love you so

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