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Sceptic – Children's Eyes lyrics

Do you know what feels the child
When father's chasing it with a real knife
Do you know how does it feel
To see enraged man kicking his innocent wife

Pain, hate, crying
You want to watch him dying
World full of lies
Beware of children's eyes
Eyes full of hate
Eyes filled with pain

Dad, I want to see your blood
Blood, I want to see it dad

[Chorus 2:]
Through all these days
Through all these nights
I saw your face
And I wanted you to die
Where are you dad
When I need your help
You're to selfish
You just think about yourself

[Solo: Czesiek]
[Solo: Jacek]

Sometimes you feel only the suffering
Of children's minds, their own miseries
Sometimes you try to simply comprehend
Why father's wasting his child's life

[repeat chorus]

Dad, now I can see your blood
Die, you mother..... Are die

[repeat chorus 2]

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