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Sammy Adams – Feel Me Feeling You lyrics

Can you feel me, feeling you
Do you see me, seeing you
This is real, this is true

Hotel room missing her
Even with the suite up at the top
Seeing the city blowing L's
I'd rather get with ya
Rather stay and kick it boo
Blue I'm starin back at you
Tryin to show you how I feel
Tell me if it's gettin through (through)
Then on first class line
Promised you this trip will be without you for the last time
So real perfect ten she sets the damn pace
Know she has me locked
And never fuckin with my fan base
And, she's the X that I'm poppin
Takin me away but no I'm never far from boston
Doesn't give a fuck about the rumors or the talkin
Knows I get my money jump off stage and then I'm off it
Fantasies and bomb sex just to inner henny
Where my girly wanna shop next
Foreign objects
Checks don't bounce stay clear never complex
Shorty's tappin first place never any contest

Can you feel me, feeling you
Do you see me, seeing you
This is real, this is true

On a plane getting anxious
See you at arrival
Always sparkle like you famous
Text you when I'm hangin
Mid-air stewardess gettin me faded
Never tell a lie you're the only one I'm gamin
Uh but far be all my time
Just a manager aint good for me
God happened to design
I'm done with selfish girls
Thinking they can run my mind
To assume my popularity
Sufficient for they time
Just wanna hit a beach with a bottle and my dime
Lookin better than Victoria's whole repetoir of line
And I aint even close haven't conversed bout my prime
And if you want some of my future get your ass up in the line
Cameras go away when my baby close the blinds
But the flash goes through so these other bitches blind
In terms of gettin paid
Well the homies doin fine
So me being succesful only means I'm on my grind
Bro looks so good and she always steal the shine
And I'm constantly the coach so she never out of time
Gettin sick up on the stage
Gotta exit with the swine
I'd do everything the same
Even if I could rewind

Can you feel me, feeling you
Do you see me, seeing you
This is real, this is true

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