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Sammy Adams – All That lyrics

Sam adams
Party records
Uh oh yeah yup yup
Sammy sammy sammy
Sam adams
Uh? On the beat
Good lookin

So I'm breakin up serve we
While you rollin noseys
Find me on them floor seats
Bitch you in the nosebleeds
Why you takin shots man
You don't even know me
You must need a chase
No bank, pussy hold these
Say hello to the homie with a swagger
I roll, get stoned, kill Mick's, no jagger (oh shit)
You bring a chick up to the club you know I bag her (I bag her)
And I can't go to war cuz she tuggin on my dagger (she tuggin on my)
I'm up in the booth, yeah sammy yeah?
Got so many honeys you'd think that my name was pooh bear (oh yeah)
Talkin all that bullshit, we just yellin who cares
Never drop the ball sucka nah this aint no times square
(This aint no times square)
Cuz you could never walk in my shoes (no!)
You pay to talk shit well bitch I got news
Your flow sucks, styles wack, never made a 5 track
Jealousy's a female trait sucka retire rap

And you could take all that (all that)
Said you could take all that (all that)
Yup yup you could take all that (all that)
Take all that you could take all that (all that)

I'm the boy from Boston
You can see I'm all the rage
I know that you up on things
Followin my twitter page (I knew it man)
Sayin that I aint official
Must be on another stage
I get my shit sold out (sold out)
Please come back another day (sold out)
Shit homie can I get some room please
Puttin brown things in the air
Sammy Drew Brees
Used to be a hyper kid
Then I went and blew trees
Never been the same since
You in with some new knees
I'm a devil, I'm far from a saint
But I turn your dame till she got rug burn on both knees
Catch me in a polo and some old sneaks
Eyes black and red got me feeling like I'm too breez-ay
But homie don't think Carolina
I'm bean town to the fullest
You need a reminda?
Sub shots spit a flow you know I'm a grinda
Focused on the gold
Helmets of the 49ers
Oh oh

And you could take all that (all that)
Said you could take all that (all that)
Skee beats
Dj cash

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