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Sami Ford – Easy lyrics

Verse 1:

Started as a bum now I set the tone
And bought a place that doesn’t feel like home
Niggas not focused still chasing the cookie
Like ‘Look what that Gucci couchie did to me! '
The're some niggas who still owe me checks
Ask them hoes who still owe me sex
Uh don't tell me I'm the only one
You just wanna get to me and have some fun


But let me think about it I mean
Bring it right back
And look how far we came
Tell me what's realer than that

This wasn’t easy, easy, easy
Don't tell me this was easy, easy, easy
I had to go Hm (hard)
Don't tell me this was easy, easy, easy
Don't tell me this was

Verse 2:

Dreamed about this shit when I was 7
Haters now faker than 911
They wanted me to quit I wasn't able
Now super bad bitches dancing on the table
Shout to chicago man I know they flexin
Shout to LA man I know they flexin
I came up from a different route
And made my life and everything look easy with no single doubt

Bridge / hook

Verse 3:

Lord forgive me for the life I live

My touchdown was last year
My and one is this year
Champagne and Rosé and to all the rumors you might hear
And last night
I pulled up in a av-entador
Shit was leased but not my watch from Michael Korks
I admit I'm a bit obsessive
But at least I'm not that reckless
Where I from you better watch out from them white dudes with s'
It's that 030
Until we overdose
Best believe this wasn’t easy
Chapter closed

Started as a bum now I set the tone
And look how far we came tell me what's really than that


Hook (Female Voice)

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