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Sam Pete – Get Hip lyrics

(Verse One)
You and ya best friend
Go out to a bar
Ice around your neck
Shinning like a star

And when it comes time
To order up the drinks
This muthafuka said
He left his wallet in the car

Get Hip

You need to
Get Hip

Think about it.


(Verse 2)
Best friends think again
Don't think she won't fuck to man

Maybe so
Maybe not
But didn't she just tell you
That she thinks ya man is hot

Get Hip
Lil' Sista Get Hip

Think about it.


Now some of y'all ain't gettin yet...
Imma give you another chance

(Verse 3)
Go to church
Go to school
Get married have kids
Play it cool

U got it all
And now u bored
If this ain't u wanted
What you doin it for

Get Hip...
Come on people
Get Hip...

Think about it.


(Verse 4)
Don't worry
Be happy
U don't need to be rich
It don't matter

Sounds simple
But you'll see
That you'll be
Broke and lonely
Cause ain't shit in life free

Get Hip...

(Verse 5)
You geeked up watchin'
MTV cribs
Gassed cause the stars
Show you how they live

So u spend last dollar
Trynna live that dream

But they don't even own
All the shit you just seen

But they don't own shit
You just seen
On that screen

Get Hip...
You need to Get Hip

Think about it.


(Verse 6)
Don't think
Just believe
Get hit
And Turn the other cheek

Who made these rules?
The one's (on top)
With the money that
Control me and you

Get Hip...
Come on people Get Hip

Think about it.


(Verse 7)
The radio
And TV
Teach us what they
Want us to believe

Your blind
You don't see
The greatest mind control
Is to make u think ur free

Get Hip...
Everybody Get Hip
Think about it.

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