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Sakamoto Ryuichi – Asadoya Yunta lyrics

Sa kimi we nonaka no ibara no hana ka (sa yui yui)
Kurete kaereba yarehoni hiki tomeru
(mata Hari no chindara kanushama yo)

Sa ureshi hazukashi ukina o tatete (sa Yui Yui)
nushi wa shirayuri yarehoni mama naranu
(mata hari no chindara kanshama yo)

Sa takusa toru nara izayoi tsukiyo (sa yui yui)
futari de kigane mo yarehoni mizu irazu
(mata hari no chindara kanushama yo)

Sa somete agemasho konji no kosode (sa Yui Yui)
kakete okureyo nasake no tasuki
(mata Hari no chindara kanushama yo)

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Corrected bySarah Cotton


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    Sarah Cotton
    The lyrics translate to:

    Oh, My wife is as a flower amidst a bed of thorns.
    I hold you back when I return at dusk.

    Oh, How happy, how ashamed to acquire a name of unfaithfulness.
    My husband is like a white lily but too much for me to control

    Oh, After working in the fields under the sixteen day old moon,
    the two of us alone but somehow constrained

    I have dyed for you, a dark blue kimono.
    Please wear it with a sash as a sign of my affection.

    This is actually a modern take on the song. The traditional is about a woman named Kuyama Asadoya, and how she refuses to marry a man her parents want her to be with, and how she hates them for it. In this version, Asadoya seems to return his feelings despite his poor reputation and name, and he sees her as the best compared to other people. He seems gentle and good to her and has pure intentions, like a white lily, but I suppose he's also a free spirit to some extent. My guess is he might travel a lot and never stays in one place, since the song doesn't say he cheats or anything. After all, she describes him as a white lily. Even when they are alone together, their feelings are held back by that fact. The last verse is self-explanatory.
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