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Sailor Moon – Rashiku Ikimasho (I'll Go With My Looks) lyrics

Chorous: Rarara Nebaagibua ganbaru wa,
Kono shoubuni kake teruno
Ukiuki to kimekuno,
Shishunki eiji kakekae ok
Koisuru puru fiiru

Kiite houkago nu tori kkusata,
Hito me bore nano yomae no kare to niteru
Kurukuru mawaru wata kizu tsuku kara
Doshiyou demo kimeter uno,
Wazato jirashitai
Seersaa fuku nabi kasete ra shikuikumashu

Chorous: Rarara nebaa gibua ppugambaru wa,
Kondokondo watashi no ban
Dokidoki tokimeku no,
Shishunki eiji ka kikae ok,
Koi suru puru Fiiru!

Chorous: Lalala never give up, keep on trying,
I'm betting it all on this game
My heart is pounding with joy in the age of adolescence,
It's ok to rewrite, what's your loving profile?

Listen, after school today,
I saw the trickster
It was love at first sight, he looks like my old flame
Now my head is spinning, don't wanna get hurt again
What should I do? But I've decided now,
I want to toy with him for a while
I can win his heart with my Sailor Suit
I'll go with my looks

Chorous: Lalala never give up, keep on trying,
Now this time it's up to me,
My heart's pounding so fast
In the age of adolescence, it's ok to rewrite,
What's your loving profile?

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