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Sailor Moon – Morning Moon De Aimashou (Let's Meet At Morning Mo lyrics

(Lines here are written first in Japanese,
Then in English, section by section.)

Taisetsu-na-no-wa omoide ja naku
Kitto aeru to negau-koto
Kanjite-iru-no kanashimi-yori mo
Anata-ni aete yokatta to
=: What's important isn't the memories.
My wish is to surely see you again.
I'm feeling - more than sadness -
That it was good to have met you.

Saeta yoake-no kaze-ga
Hoho-no namida kawakasu
Jaa ne mata ne -to egao de
Watashi o'okiku te-o furuwa
=: The wind of the clear daybreak
Dries the tears on my cheeks
"Well, I'll see you again" and with a smile
I wave my hand strongly

* Remember morning moon
Anata-o yobu koe
Kikoeta-nara tonde-kite hane-no shuuzu-de
Remember morning moon
Futari-no kisetsu-wa mada tsudzuiteru
=: * Remember morning moon
A voice calls out to you
If you hear it, fly back on winged shoes
Remember morning moon
If you do believe
Then the season for "us two" will yet continue

Sayonara dakedo owari ja nai-no
Itsuka aeru -to omotteru
Hanarete-ite mo hitori ja nai-no
Sou-yo kokoro-de hanaseru ne
=: Despite good-Bye it's not the end
Someday I think we'll meet again
Even though we're apart, I am not alone
That's right; can I not speak in my heart?

Awai yoake-no tsuki-o
Asa-no hikari keshite mo
Sora-ni itsudemo iru-you-ni
Watashi anata-no soba-ni iru
=: Even if the pale morning moon
Is wiped away by the morning light
Just as the sky is always there
I am by your side

Remember morning moon
Sabishii toki-ni-wa
Itsu-datte ai-ni yuku niji-o watatte
Remember morning moon
Shinjite matsu-no-yo
Futari-no mirai-ga mata kasanaru hi
=: Remember morning moon
Whenever I'm lonely
Anytime, I go to meet you, crossing the rainbow
Remember morning moon
I wait and believe!
... That the future of "us two" is still day by day.

* Repeat

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