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Rupert Holmes – Terminal lyrics
I've come back this mornin to where I first came alive.
Here within this terminal where the buses arrive.
I was the commuter on the 804, work for a computer on the 19th floor and...
You came down the aisle of the bus and you sat by my side.
Shoulder up to shoulder we shared that 9 o' clock ride.
Oh my heart was screamin as you left your seat
Followin your movements I was at your feet and...
Oh down into the terminal both of us smiled, so we entered the terminal just as you smiled, "won't you leave out work for today?" you ask of me then.
So I phoned-in sick- on the way to the home of a friend.
We were all alone from 10 am till 3, Really thought the fire had gone out of me but...
You awoke the sleep of my life from gray into red.
Made the weary wonder of Wall Street rise from the dead.
Could have held up budding my entire life.
But I had to get home to the kids and the wife and...
So I let for the terminal where I began. Baby, no, I wouldn't have left if I'd been half a man.
So here I am this morning where love had asked for the dance
Here within this terminal where I passed on a chance
Lord, I'll never find her though I've trully tried
Probably she's found another bus to ride and...
I am now about to begin the last of my days, I'm within what others would call a terminal phase
I myself can only say it's livin' dead. Ridin' to the office with a song in my head that goes...
La da da
And you know it grows
La da da... La da da...

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Songwriters: RUPERT HOLMES
Terminal lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, JORDAN - HERMAN - HOLMES PUBL
Submitted by LHIZA

Terminal meanings

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    Aaah. What a song. I do not know what makes me feel "sayang... " nice story. It will leave some things for the listeners to think about. The meaning: maybe he adore his wife, love her in some ways, there no true love. And so when he met this lady on the terminal, maybe that's when he feels the true love. But unfortunately, he's a family man na. And so they parted ways. But when he was decided to choose the one he really loves, the lady was gone.
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    Its really a man song. By "man", not to be offensive to the opposite s**, is to try and take responsibilities for your actions. Like "man up, or shut up", that sort of thing. He was there, he had his chance, but he turned his back because it was the right thing to do. And I think, though he himself made his life miserable as hell, he made the right choice. Yes, life is for the purpose of seeking happiness. But let us not forget that it is not at the expense of others. He has a family, waiting for him, imagine the poor child growing up without a father simply because of another woman.
    Plus the fact that he's not really sure that this woman was that one great love. At this modern day and age, love has been commonly associated with infatuation. Surely this fellow is simply bored of his marriage, causes which may be attributable to him or his wife. But having a sudden rush of blood caused by a mysterious woman cannot really be said to be love. Reason is, love is something developed after a few round of conversations, laughs, or some get togethers. Its when you know something about the person, other than the physical, that you find something to love about.
    Bottom-line is, I agree with the guy's decision. He did good. He was man enough to take into account all the necessary considerations before he took the leap of faith. At least, as he faces the sunset, he may have lived miserably, but he lived it with a clear conscience. This is what a real man should be.
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    This song is about a man who could be in a loveless marriage (thought the fire had gone out of me) then meets the love of his life (you awoke the sleep of my life from gray into red), the one love that gives his life meaning and he would want to be with (could have held her body my entire life).
    However, since he is already married and has kids, he decided to stay with them (but I had to get home to the kids and the wife) at the expense of his great love. Of course, sacrificing your great love even for a much worthy cause will make you miserable and live a life with regret (here I am this morning where love had asked for the dance, here within this terminal where I passed on a chance).
    I guess the song is trying to say that you shouldn't let true love pass you by (lord, i'll never find her though I've truly tried, probably she's found another bus to ride) because you might not have another chance of getting it back.
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    I think it's about decisions that we make in our life. Decisions that define who we are; decisions that make us realize what great things we have. Before he met the terminal girl he thought his life was meaningless, loveless, funless. He took the chance with the girl and realized he still had it - that life was great. But in the end he chose to go back to his true love - his family. And I believe he made the right decisions - first by going with the girl, if only to make him experience the one thing he was apparently missing already, and second by going back to his family, after realizing that they were still his real love. I'm sure a lot of guys can relate to this story.
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      Aaah. What a song. I do not know what makes me feel "sayang... " nice story. It will leave some... Read more →
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      Its really a man song. By "man", not to be offensive to the opposite s**, is to try and take... Read more →

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