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Rotimi A – The Breakout lyrics

Martin had a dream
Hov had a team
Rotimi now taking over with the new regime

I'm talking empires homie
Taking over the nation
So all the people around me betta say congratulations
Bars so good that we give the beat mutations
Somebody important that gives you the sensation
Of tasting that greatness
That fame
The lights
The glitz
The glam
Chilling with ya fam
Rotimi what they know me by Tha Winna what they called me
Gotta catch flight but the fans wanna stall me
But it doesn't come easy like the A. B. C's
Hardwork and dedication man ain't that serene
It just takes people that wanna make it with ya
And best believe they'll make it to the top with ya
Built this up piece by piece started From the floor
Started from the bottom with a dream
Drake issues

I'm breaking out all over
Scratching from head to toe
Ever since you let me go
I just can't take no more

Uh breaking out best believe I will
But it's hard to stay humble
When you have the most will

But honestly there's more to life than hundred dollar bills
Remember who you are and staying honest the new trill
I'm breaking out four years tops
Tryna do it worldwide, not just hip-hop

Everybody saying they wanna write hip-hop
Man it's not that easy you just should just go and kick rocks

Uh we breaking out to the top
Repping Doylestown, and I'll never ever stop
Me and the crew up, grind up is what we do
Step to the mic man and the lyrics are brand new
We go hard, every bar I write man I plan on going far

Guess that's why they wonder why I go there
All that hate on twitter doing nothing going no where
Can't feed the week, chill out, whoa there

I'm breaking out all over
Scratching from head to toe
Ever since you let me go
I just can't take no more

We on the top of the world homie
Yeah We on the top of the world
Yeah we on the top of the world homie

Yeah this that break out flow we pull up and starting on these kids real

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