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Rosie Ribbons – A Little Bit lyrics

Yeah hey oh yeah yeah yeah (a little bit, a little bit)

I'm not the kind of girl to sit out on the sideline
The kind of girl that doesn't say straight from her mind
You gotta know what I'm feelin' on the inside
I ain't into games, I don't wanna waste
Anytime and all the energy we could spend
Me and you, together boy forever, you're my best friend
You gotta little problem that I can't mend
You've been taking me for granted, you

It's not about who's right or wrong
It's not about who's weak or strong
It's about what I need to make this last

A little more time
A little less wait
A little more heart
A little less break
It's simple and true, what they say
A little bit goes a long way
A little less talk
A little more do
A little more me
A little less you
Baby, at the end of the day
A little bit goes a long way

Don't wanna end up in a tricky situation
So I'm giving you my every indication
We can work it out together, stop the tension
Try to understand, baby where I stand
I love you and I'm trying to be gentle
Let me break it down for you and make it simple
Give my heart and tell me what's essential
Show a little love for me

It's not about the tears we've cried
It's about how we've tried
To give a little more and see
The other side

Repeat Chorus

And it hurts me, cos I care
And I'm tellin' you why
I'm unhappy, so if you love me
A little bit is not that much to help to make things right
Ooh yeah Ooh yeah

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