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Rosicrucian – Part Of Me lyrics

Dying to see, but I am blind
I've been forced to watch them chime
Looking at myself, all left behind
Uncontrolled magic seeking crime
I know this now, it's too late to find
Running around and losing time
Down a one way street, against mankind
You'll never know about my prime

Twice in the age of the one
Laying blackout undeer the sun
Forced to be, nowhere to run
It's time for you to make it undone

Parts, parts of me
Deep urge to be free
Who will I be
When I free these parts of me

Blistering image, an impact on my eyes
Put my hand up to block the light
See them say their pray for lice
Human body in the cold of the might

Accused of nailholes in my hands
Watch as the world comes to the turn
Set me on the royal stands
If you don't know why now, you'll never learn

Once in the age of the dun
Laying blackout under the gun
Forced to see, the war is now won
It's time for you to see what's begun

Parts, parts of me
Deep urge to be free
Who will I be
When I free these parts of me

Deny your god in heaven
My only son
Preach and sell
You're the one

The house of the fools
You look around
You've got no eyes
I can't be found

You weep before god
Your mistake
Black or white
Who's fake

The seeds of treason
Life in hate
You're too late

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