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Rooster – Platinum Blind lyrics

Sick and tired of being broke
There's no way out of such a joke
Can't get out of the red, on the bread line
Gonna dive in deep, it's the perfect crime

Like a beggar like a thief
To get a break's like pullin' teeth
I could try to make it but they're begging me to borrow
Spend, spend, spend like there's no tomorrow

Acting like you're loaded
Knowing that you're broke
When you got a lot of nothing
It can't go up in smole

Wanna go platinum blind
Maz it out- I'm gonna blow my mind
Tear it up- and I just can't win
Tired of looking from the outside, in.

Wanna lose the plot
Spend some money that I aint got (its a money trap)
Well it tastes so fine
Cos you can't see nothing when you're platinum blind

Its not about the finer things
Just need that buzz that plastic brings
Got to live it up like a right man
Other peoples money running through my hands

Pay it off but what's the use
Why tighten my belt- feels like a noose
Something out of nothing take the rap whenever
Cash my cheques at the bank and never never



Falling... Gonna hit the ground
Deeper... Think I'm gonna drown
Not I'm itching, cause there's no one else around
Got to get another hit cos I think I'm coming down


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