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Roosevelt Sykes – It Hurts So Good lyrics

Went to my baby's house last night
She locked all them do's
What is on her mind
She know I know
She says, 'i want you to hurt me
Or else I ain't gonna let you go'
She says, 'Now you hurts me so good
Come on an hurt me some more'

She said, 'Now, there ain't nobody
Here but us, an I ain't gon' tell
She said, 'You got me tremblin'
An I'm under yo spell'
Oh, you hurts me
She says, 'Oh, but I just can't let you go'
She say, 'You hurts me so good'
She says, 'Come on and oh, hurt me some more'

Now, she started to screamin'
Say, 'What are you doin' to me? '
An I start to sinkin' like that Robert E. Lee
She said, 'You hurts me
But oh, I just can't let's you go' my
She say, 'Oh, you hurts me so good
Come on an hurts some mo'
Mercy, now

She say, 'You know how to get things done
You hurts me better than any other one'
Oh, you hurts me
She says a 'But oh, I just can't let you go
Mercy, she said, 'You hurts so good
Come on, oh and hurts me some mo', my
Mercy, my, my, my

Ho, yeah (piano)

'Whoa, hurts so good! '
'My, my, my '

'Rock a while now'
'My, my, my'

She said, 'Daddy, you better slow down
I'm bout to panic'
She say, 'And you is goin' down like the Titanic'
'Oh, you hurts me
But oh, I just ain't gon let you go'
She say, 'Oh, you hurts me so good
Come on and hurts so more'

Hurts some mo'.

It Hurts So Good - 3: 19 (Trk 2)
Roosevelt Sykes - piano & vocal
Recorded: December 30, 1971
Producer: G. H. Buck Jr.
Jazz City Studios, New Orleans, la
Album: Roosevelt Sykes 'Dirty Mother For You'

Lyrics taken from /lyrics/r/roosevelt_sykes/it_hurts_so_good.html

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