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Roger Whittaker – The Last Farewell lyrics

There's a ship lies rigged and ready in the harbour
Tomorrow for old England she sails
Far away from your land of endless sunshine
To my land full of rainy skies and gales
And I shall be aboard that ship tomorrow
Though my heart is full of tears at this farewell

For you are beautiful
And I have loved you dearly
More dearly than the spoken word can tell

I heard there's a wicked war a blazing
And the taste of war I know so very well
Even now I see the foreign flag a raising
Their guns on fire as we sail into hell
I have no fear of death; it brings no sorrow
But how bitter will be this last farewell

For you are beautiful
And I have loved you dearly
More dearly than the spoken word can tell

Though death and darkness gather all about me
And my ship be torn apart upon the seas
I shall smell again the fragrance of these islands
In the heaving waves that brought me once to thee
And should I return safe home again to England
I shall watch the English mist roll through the dell

For you are beautiful
And I have loved you dearly
More dearly than the spoken word can tell

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    Joy Cloyes Dominguez
    My dad lay in a coma, but somehow forced his eyes open when I said "Dad, your granddaughter is here to see you." He opened those crystal blue eyes of his for the last time and this is what I imagined he would have said to us both if he could.
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    Looking out onto the harbor to the readied, stately ship that will take him from the magnificent, sunny islands of a land he's learned to love, a sailor anticipates his 'morrow's departure to old england, his homeland, starkly reminiscent of rainy skies and storms. He laments of his sadness at having to leave this wonderful place, but must return to fight for his homeland’ s flag. He is drawn to recall past wartime with remembrance of fierce, fiery battles on the seas. Though he is not afraid of death, he is embittered by the thought that he may die at sea without once again being able to see the beautiful land that he has grown to love. Foreseeing the possibility of the ship’ s demise and his death at sea, he is calmed by the thought that death will make time stand still and he will forever be able to enjoy the fragrance of the enchanting islands he had found only by travel through the churning waves of the sea. But… it is at this point the sailor’ s mind thought shifts and he supposes of his safe return home. Thoughts of the english mist running through the clearing bring back suppressed memories and he realizes that he loves and misses england, even with its rainy skies and gales. It is now that he grasps the longing for his homeland and, once again, but with re-found devotion, so poignantly refrains…. “ for you are beautiful and I have loved you dearly, more dearly than the spoken word can tell. ”.
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