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Rocker T – Tru Ganjaman lyrics

Speaking for the legalization of marijuana

A who a who a wah satta-ammassaganna-ia-amlak
Madhane-alam mi chant

Who seh I fear babylon
Tell dem seh I'm a tru ganja-man
No wi no fear babylon
Tell dem seh I'm a tru ganja-man

Tek a look in genesis a mi seh book nomber one
Jah mek di herb-seed fi di hu-man
It start wey back all from creation
An dat was di time wen di weed come from
So jah mek di herb gi it unto adam
Dat man de lose dat so me it find abraham
Of man moses climb mount zion
An weh deh find di seed in di grave of solomon
An fiyah-man know it is a weed of wisdom
Some communion fi inspiration
An now deh wan fi tek mi chalice outta mi han
Dem a fight against long time tradition
Babylon is a man wit wikid intetion
All babylon in a malfunction
A real rastaman is a concious man
Plant a seed an start a weed revolution, man

Dey find di cure fi cancer in mariyanna
An iuf yu sick an yu no fit yu hafi lick dei chalwah
Gabrail-a-amla satta ammassaganna
Peast an love giv thanks an praise before bunn di ganja-uh
Dat is di blessin from almighty jah jah
An who bring dfi message di likkle rocker
Mi baan an mi gro as a new yorker
But wen mi go roun di world de seh mi from america
Look in mi lef pocket finde a bag a ganja
Look in di same pocket an find di lighter
Look in di nex pocket dolla an a quarta
Bring mi a orange juice I'm to high fi liquor
But tru mi got di boom type sinsimilla
An if yu hav a likkle hash i'll mix it together
Yu pass mi di herb an di dutchmasta
An wi could bunn di sinsimilla on di street corna, so wah

I'm talkin some roots rock an rality
An who pan di mic now di one rocker t
Mi baan an mi gro in a new york city
Mi come fi teach di people love an unity
Its every type a man dem weh smoke sinsi
Di young an di miggle an di elderly
Di richman an di man we livin in a poverty
Some dem a belly full an some dem a hungry
So wen wi get together in a wi community
Wi tek a one deaw fi all a wi amily
An pass it roun di cipher one two three degree
Yu know yu got to bless dat yu wan it bunn property
Di healin of the nation certainly
Yu light an yu pass it an yu feel irie
Some dem a falla mi
Some dem a disagree
Nobody coulda ever tej weg nt subsu, gee

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