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Robert Earl Keen – I Gotta Go lyrics

Got no time to shoot the breeze
Got no time to blow,
Excuse me mister if you please
I gotta go

Born one morn on the day of the dead
In a bombed out bungalow
My mama kissed my cheek and said
I gotta go

I gotta go somewhere, I gotta go Chorus
Wastin time standin here
I gotta go

They put me in an orphanage
Just west of Tupelo
I told 'em when I burnt that bridge
I gotta go

I stole a car, I got a gun
I robbed the Hi De Ko
I left Memphis on the run
I gotta go

Repeat chorus


Five card stud, dueces wild
Three Kings in a row
I turned that diamond duece and smiled
I gotta go.

They tracked me dowm, they took my take
And brother don't you know
I told them boys there's somethin strange
I gotta go

Cold steel up against my head
They turned the lamps down low
In case you didn't hear I said
I gotta go

These are your veery last words son
Say 'em nice and slow
My last words on this planet were
I gotta go

Repeat chorus twice.
I gotta go

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