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Rik Emmett – Big Lie lyrics

Pick up up my guitar and lay the message down
About the crazy kind of things that make the world go around
Like the money, the power, the Glory on High
Everybody's living with the big, big lie


The Profiteering Corporation's Party Line
Says, "Trust in us people, everything will be fine."
But that's a big lie
Baby, that's a big lie
The disappearing forests should be no cause for alarm
The "Greenhouse Effect" won't do us any harm
It's all a big lie
They're selling us a big lie
It's the age old game of supply and demand
We're eating up the planet just as fast as we can
And it's a big lie
Getting bigger all the time
It's a big lie
Yeah the truth is hard to find
In the big lie
Ooo, Yeah
It's a big, big... big, big... big, big lie
Such a big, big lie

Taxes going up... Like a hot air balloon
The rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting screwed
In the big lie
Welcome to the big lie
The politics and power out of reach and out of touch
And all their fancy talking... never did account for much
In the big lie
Only in the big, big lie
The deficit grows like Pinocchio's nose
While we gaze in admiration at the Emperor's new clothes
It's a big lie
Getting bigger all the time
It's a big lie
The truth is hard to find
In the big lie
Ooo, Yeah
Big, big... big, big... big, big lie

Old Time religion on the TV everyday
Selling tickets to heaven in the fundamental way
The media tells it like it is... without a doubt
But for a rating point or two
They'll sell you short, then sell you out
Broadway to Hollywood it's on with the show
But it's the burned out myth of sex and drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
The cheque is in the mail and God is on our side
Don't worry... be happy
Yeah yeah yeah... wooohooo

No matter how you slice it, it's always the same
The big lie seems to be the name of the game
And you can play it if you want to but you get what you deserve
I guess it just depends upon which master you serve
Does my song ring true, well you get to decide
Or is it just another chapter
In the big, big... big, big... big, big... big, big... big, big... big, big...
Ah come on help me out here
(Crowd Voices)
Big, big... big, big... big
Big, big... big, big... big
(Rik alone)
Big, big lie

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