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Rifle Unity – Battle lyrics

You think you wanna battle
I'm a grown man
You think you wanna battle
I'm a grown man
You think you wanna battle
I'm a grown man, man, man, man

You think you wanna battle
I'm a bad bitch
You think you wanna battle
I'm a bad bitch
You think you wanna battle
I'm a bad bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch

Tick-tock, nigga, here comes the crowd now
Ready for a show when I give your ass a smackdown
Don't trip, motherfucker, no backing down
Heads up, there's a new sheriff back in town
I'll take charge, my powers are so large, punch you in your throat
I'll make you sound like Marge
Get a little deep with this insane ass hit
Take it on the news, I can go to jail for this shit
Head down when my fists go right to your lips
Act like a pussy and I'd give you the tip
Give me all you got, cause you know you can't win
Think you know this bitch, but the shit you say is a sin
Come on in, feel the power when it lands on your face
Think you know it all, but I can put you back in your place
Battle you with my shotgun, Rifle Unity, where they do that at
And when I finish you, boom, Mortal Kombat.
Warn these dogs, like you warn those hoes
On the corners looking for some dirty dude to blow
Watch when these motherfuckers try to steal my flow
Not today, cause I'm about to fucking run this show
Watch when T-Time come in the game, make you lose your brain
Drive you to the fucking worst than insane
I bring the fucking pain when you call me out of my name
Got a pack of dynamite to blow your fucking ass in vain
But I ain't that evil, bet you can't tap that
Turn your hat to an outdated snapback
I'd bet you like that, cause you're a wack nigga
From the side eating the pussy of a brown-eyed gold digger
But I don't judge, I don't judge, I just say what I see
But I don't give a fuck
Rebellious motherfucker on the top right now
Battle me, but you know stir up, I can slam you down

[Chorus (2x):]

Bloody face on the tv screen
Article about an attack on the magasine
Real life shit twisted right onto the movie screens
That'll be me, the making of the battle that you've never seen
I know real niggas don't need to fight
To prove a point, but for this shit, I know I'm right
Steal, you kill, fresher than a dollar bill
T-Money on the game, and I'm still made of steel.
Fuck your feelings, tell me what you wanna do
I wanna hear you say you wanna make the first move
Let that happen, watch me put a cap in
Take you to the dumps and make that your whole fucking trap in.
Throw your ass in, leave your ass there
Think I'm scared, but I'd show you how I really care
I'd give a fuck about you and your dumb crew
Think you got the hits in, wait when I get back to you

[Chorus (2x):]

Welcome to the real world, full of stupid boys and stupid girls
Watch me when I take my fist to this ugly, dirty girl
I get paid when I'm all on my grind, Rifle Unity, don't fuck with us
Don't waste our fucking time
You think you wanna battle, yeah, too bad
I'm gonna punch you in your face
It's gonna fucking make you mad
You're a punk, and I'm a bad bitch
Millions of dollars on me, bitch you ain't rich
Have your ass all in stitches in a minute
But watch me limit the regret when I beat your ass and win it
I won't feel for you, because you deserve it, boo.
Come fuck with me, and you'll see the real Treni-Pooh
What you gonna do, let me break you off
Show you how I do it in the Penn, and I'll shake you off.
No, I ain't goin' that way, but when I see you again
It's another battle and I swear to hell that I'm gonna break you in


I'm the smart one, a Barbie
Playing with the plastic
But I can stretch your face open
Oops, I been playing with elastic
Someone better tell this motherfucker I'd put her in a casket
The real bad wolf that stole Red's basket
I'm a City High Caramel bad bitch
I keep it clean, fuck that, I keep it bad, bitch
I'm waiting for your reaction, that's my satisfaction
Waiting for the first hit, my niggas waitin' for the action
Here's some little fast acting, fast acting on your ass
Got it all up in your system, watch me when show it off
Get the fucking tactic
Teoni-Booh, yeah, I'm up on the scene, bitch
I got a lot of my crew, so you better get your team, bitch
You don't want beef with T, because you'll see
That the end of you will be the new start of me
I'm the princess and I ain't for the frolic and glee
Fuck with me and you'll live your last day, you'll see

[Chorus (2x):]

Yeah, don't fuck with us...
Rifle Unity at your heads

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