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RH Nineteen – The East Grinstead Song lyrics

Round where the lay-lines pass
This is where our story starts
In a town with past so fair
We'll take you on a journey there

Round round the East Court grounds
The woods where our youth was found
And on through the old town
We spun our stories there

Arhhh, this is where Jonny lives
Arhhh, this is where Chris lives
Arhhh, this is where Dan lives
Arhhh, in East Grinstead

Never all that much to do
A drink and smoke and dance till two
Weaned like babes from mother's teet
At the point where cult and religion meet

But down down the town did go,
The rates so high the shops did close
And now such a sorry show
They burned the martyrs there

Arhhh, this is where the Scinos live
Arhhh, this is where the Mormons live
Arhhh, this is where Ozz lives
Arhhh, in East Grinstead

West Sussex in the house y'all
Rh19, struggle
Yo, this is Sackville family in the house y'all
You ain't eg, you don't know, this is real life

East Grinstead, yeah you've heard of us
From Forest Row take the 291 bus
Pull up in the old High Street
Where Herbert Sports is

Mr Wickenden's got mad fresh skills
With sugar sweets, no sugar pills
But who will pay my hospital bills
Now I've got diabetes

Can I see a Butchers, no
Can I see a Bakers, no
Can I see a Starbucks,
Whoomp, there it is

Yo, Ship street then the High street
Then Blackwell Hollow on my feet
Then the A264, go go go go
You're in Tunbridge Wells

So where's Tesco, it closed down
Where's Gamleys, it closed down
Where's Woolworths, it closed down
Where's the Flying Pasha, it closed down
So where's Grub, it closed down
Where's the White Lion pub, it closed down
Where's Unwins, it closed down
Where's Auckland, in New Zealand

Juno on the mic

Felbridge crew represent

With two secondary schools, well I won't slag em off
Cause one of them taught me an awful lot of stuff (Sackville)
And my life there really wasn't very tough
A Levels now are easy

I got queesy, I got wheezy
And at fourteen I got sleezy
But my ***** was so measley
That the ladies weren't impressed

Yo, E to the Eizzo
G to the Gizzay
My little sister's name is Lizzay
Sometimes through the wall I could hear her getting busy.

Grinstead is a place of wonder
Twinned with Mindleheim but nowhere down under
We love it through the rain and thunder
Rh19, that's the magic number

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