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Reina – No One's Gonna Change You lyrics

From the day we met
I knew you were the one
You stole my heart
And I ran with love
Now here you are
Making me cry inside
No longer will I be
A prisoner of your love

You listen to me
I'm speaking my mind
I'm not gonna' let you
Keep wasting my time
As hard as it is
As much as I'll cry
I want you to know
That I'm saying goodbye

How long did you think
We could go on
While you treated me wrong
And kept feeding me lies
I'm letting you know
So don't be surprised,
When I let you go
And start living my life

'Cause no one's gonna change you
And I won't even waste my time
I'm gonna' find someone
Who will treat me right

'Cause no one's gonna change you
And I won't even waste my time
I'm gonna' find someone who
Will treat me right

There were times I believed
That things could work out
But as hard as I try
I was always in doubt
Now as sad as it is
I'm sorry to say
My love has moved on
And my hearts turned away

Someday you will see
You made a mistake
By the time you wake up
It'll all be too late
Cause I will have moved on
And found someone new
Who wants to be mine
The way I wanted you


I gave you all of my time
It didn't mean that much to you
I showered you with all of my life
And all you did was push and push
Now you want me to stay, again, believe in you
Well nobody in the world is gonna stop me
From walking away from you

And no one's gonna change you
Oh no no


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