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Regine Velasquez – For The Love Of You lyrics

Driftin' on a mem'ry
Ain't no place I'd rather be
Than with you, ooh yeah
Lovin' you
Day will make a way for night
All we need is candelight
And a song, ooh yeah
Soft and slow
Well .... oohhh
Glad to be
Here along with the lover like no other
Sad to see
Anew horizon slowly comin' into view
I wanna be livin' for the love of you
All that I'm givin' is for the love of you
Is for the love of you
Lovely as a ray of sun
That touches me when the morning comes
Feels good to me ...
My love, make
Smoother than, than a gentle breez
Flowing through my mind with ease
Soft as can be
When you're in love with me
Love to be
Ridingthe waves of your love
Enchanted with your touch
Seems to me we can sail together
In and out of misery
I wanna be livin' for the love of you
All that I'm givin', givin'
For the love of you
Is for the love of you
You're my lollipop
You're my lemondrop
You're my sweet pea
You're my queen bee
When i look into your eyes
Like a ray of sunshine
You're the kind of girl
I wanna sport
When I'm on a roller ride
I'ts love I'm livin'
All for you
The first girl in my life
That I'll always be true
Some get jealous
Of what we got
But there's no way to stop
All the feelings we got
Just the little things
That made me gig with you
The way you look in my eyes
The way you find the time
The way you touch my hand
When I'm not in demand
The way you make me feel fine
When I'm cryin' at night
Paradise within my mind
So i huff and I puff
But you know I ain't trippin'
I told you before that I'll only be livin'
For the love of you, my boo
I wanna be livin'
For the love
For the love of you girl
All that I'm givin'
Is for the love of you
That's why everything I do
I do for you
Might as well
Sign my name on a card
That could say it better
Time will tell
Cause it seems that
I've done just about
All that I can do
I wanna be livin' for the love of you
All that I'm givin' is for the love of you
Is for the love of you
You ... you ... you ...
Givin' ...
Oooh ooh ooh ooh
Driftin' on a mem'ry
I wanna livin for your love
Hey Regine!
What's up?
What's up?
Guess what?
We're livin' for the love of you
Is for the love of you

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