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Reel Tight – (Do You) Wanna Ride lyrics

Do You Wanna Ride
Reel Tight
(I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)

[voice box]
Do you wanna ride

Whassup baby?
You wanna get freaky?
Oh, wanna get freaky
That's right

I'll pick you up at about 5: 30
Take you to my house, we can get dirty
See I ain't got no shame in my game
Get you on the bed, make you scream my name

Girl don't you hold back
Cuz my lovin' is all there
See baby, I can do it like this
Side to side, up and down
Round and round, pound for pound
Say it

[1] - Do you wanna ride
Do you wanna get freaky
Baby, let me come inside
We can both get nasty

Do you wanna ride
Do you wanna get freaky
Baby, let me come inside
We can both get nasty

Kissin' on your lips and baby kissin' on your thighs
See, I'm the nigga from Tennessee and baby that's my thing
Oh what I wanna do to you
Get next to you, wanna rub you
Do all the things your man won't do
Straight half bangin' boogie

All night long baby
Break it out till early dawn
Baby wanna hear you moan
Hurry up take it off
So I can come inside, yeah, yeah

I can tell that you wanna get with me

Do ya, do ya, do ya

[Repeat 1]

We can go, oh girl
(Up and down)
Up and down, baby
(Round and round)
Round and round
(Pound for pound)
Pound for pound
All night long

We can go
(Up and down)
I'll take you there with me
(Round and round)
Together baby we will see
(Pound for pound)
I'll be with you
All night long

[Repeat 1 until fade]

Submitted by Alex (buffysangel@attbi. Com)

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