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Red Sky Mary – Too Much lyrics

It's high tide in the neon lights
Burnin’ to a rhythm that goes bump in the night
The way she moves there ain’t no mistake
Watching her bend but she never breaks
I could be her man of steel tonight
But her long legs are shining like kryptonite
Her heels are pumpin’ up her shake
A path of destruction left in her wake

She’s too much
She’s too much for me
Yeah she’s too much
She does it wild and free, yeah
She’s too much for me
Crazy as can be
And even when we’re through
She’s not through with me
She’s too much
She’s too much for me

Bought her a drink and she took me home
Wonder if it’s safe to be left alone
Is she the hunter and I’m her prey?
She bites her lip I know she’s ready to play
Round two you know my saddle’s sore
I gave it all I got and then she asked for more
A hungry lion let out of her cage
Handle with caution or you’ll feel her rage


Yeah I’m begging
Yeah I’m begging, I’m begging for mercy babe!

You got me baby down on my knees
And I’m crawling
Yes I’m crawling
Yes I’m crawling, I’m crawling, I’m crawling yeah


She’s too much for me
She’s too much for me
She’s too much for me

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