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Rebellious With A Cause – Kill Em All lyrics

This is the end of your motherfuckin life
Drop a body fuckin quick, fetus gonna die
Leave a peice of heated level inside your fuckin eyes
Snappin off an icepick now watch me rape your wife
Your god, he's dead, so I'm livin on my life
Cause I rape retarded children in my fuckin free time
Your soul lies lost, and it never get's rest
One more dead, now tell me who's next

Kill em all, kill em all, kill em all, fuckin die let them burn (repeat x4)

Walkin to the track, I bring the fuckin gore
Bringin all the darkness from the sea to shore
Cuttin up bodies from the neck to the floor
14 victims and I got 2 more
First ones a midget ass, punk blonde bitch
Bloodshot eyes, as her throat gets slit
Guess that dirty bitch shoulda run the fuck away
Oh wait she's wearin chains so she'll never escape
Next one's cryin, bathin in blood
Chained to a tub, her friends are dead and hung above
One drop down, and I lick it off her lips
Flip her on around and mount the faucet in her clit
You shoulda listened once, if ya had a fuckin brain
Rebel has evolved and I bring that fuckin pain

Kill em all, kill em all, kill em all, fuckin die let them burn (repeat x4)

One more time, take em back to the crypt
Lay her on the table and her belly gets slit
Baby poppin out, all covered in shit
Eat the fuckin children and I lick my fuckin lips
Thinkin what the fuck would I do to a bitch if she ever had the reason not the ever fuckin live
Would I take the match and shit and grab some gasoline
Or would I sacrifice her in the name of her beliefs
Or crucify her on the cross, another killin spree
Or Stretch her fuckin womb til her child goes to sleep
Just another testimony watchin god fall
Rebellious Here motherfucker, gonna kill em all

Kill em all, kill em all, kill em all, fuckin die let them burn (repeat x4)

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